Tadlock Templates, LLC provides
legal templates for attorneys
in California.

The templates have been compiled from documents used in actual cases, and make use of incorporated arguments, provisions, and language from a variety of sources.

Unlike most legal reference material available (examples and sample cases), Tadlock Templates have been carefully rewritten to be highly versatile, and not dependent on any particular fact pattern or context.

Save Time

Don't reinvent the wheel, drafting pleadings from scratch. Start with the appropriate Tadlock Template and jump start your proceedings.

Modernize Your Practice

Whether you are a sole practitioner, or a supervising partner with junior associates, leverage our research and writing to bring your practice into the 21st century.

Ask The Right Questions

Settle what your case is - before you argue it. Use Tadlock Templates "answers" and master the art of identifying and framing the question to evaluate the case, and your settlement position.

Example Template

Tadlock Templates invites you to experience the advantage of using a Tadlock Templates product with a free offer of a Joinder in a Motion.