About Tadlock Templates

Bring your practice into the 21 st Century!

Use Tadlock Templates and take advantage of the research and writing by other attorneys whose pleadings or documents on a legal issue have been integrated into a single pleading or document. Download the Template and have it at your fingertips whenever you need it, wherever you may be working.

Master the art of identifying and framing the question…

Use Tadlock Templates “answers” and master the art of identifying and framing the question to evaluate the case, and your settlement position.

The Templates will assist you to identify and frame the question for improved results with respect to your legal research or document assembly from the search engine or software program you are using.

Don’t reinvent the wheel!

Take the arguments from the appropriate Template that are relevant to the facts of your case and use the statutes and case law cited in the motion to jump start your own research.

Start with a Template, strike out the terms that are not pertinent to your case, then focus on drafting the specific terms to protect your client’s interests.

Tadlock Tips, a companion to the Templates, provides useful practice tips.

Tales from the Trenches, a series of sketches, illustrate why things sometimes go disastrously wrong…

Tadlock Tips and Tales from the Trenches are published in the newsletter “Trials and Tribulations”. Sign up below.