Tale No. 21 Sometimes you will lose a case ...

You had the facts and the law in your favor, and you presented your case brilliantly.  The problem was that the jury did not like your client.

 Maybe your client was perceived as greedy and overreaching; your client was Russian, the defendant was Japanese and the jury was predominately Chinese – with their respective cultural values.

 Or maybe the jury failed to understand that when your client said she wanted to look like the picture of her taken 40 years earlier, she didn’t want the dentist to make her look 19 again, she just wanted to have a full set of teeth - like she had in the picture.

 Or maybe your client was a Christian (and a minister’s wife) and the defendant was an infidel (Sikh) being defended by an unbeliever (Jew) [this comment by the plaintiff stating the reason for her confidence she would win, the facts were unimportant, was overheard by your editor] … notwithstanding which the jury determined your client’s version of events was simply not believable.