TIP NO. 11. So as the Run-DMC song goes - did “You talk too much…”

… and cause your special appearance to morph into a general appearance?  

 Whether an appearance is general or special is determined by the character of the relief sought and not by the intention of the party that it shall or shall not operate as a general or special appearance. The statement of a defendant or party that he is making a special appearance is not necessarily conclusive.

The test is - did the party appear and object only to consideration of the case or any procedure in it because the court had not acquired jurisdiction over the person of the defendant or party, then the appearance is special. If, however, he appeared and raised any other question or asked for any relief which could be given only to a party in the pending case, or which itself would be a regular proceeding in the case, it is a general appearance, regardless of how adroitly, carefully or directly the appearance may be denominated or characterized as special.  (Judson v. Superior Court (1942) 21 Cal.2d 11, 13)