Calendaring Rules

The calendaring rules should be in every attorney’s “hip pocket”, even if he relying on a calendaring program, sometimes one should confirm whether there is a holiday that might affect the running of the statute of limitations, or confirm that the date calendared correctly reflects the method of service. The calendaring rules provides not only the date on which an act is to be performed, but the rules for calculating the date according to the method of service. The rules include rules for the proper computation of the date, including how to “count”, identifying the holidays and their effect on the computation; statute of limitation; and dismissal statutes.

The “Pre-Trial Calendar” is of necessity merely a template to be filled in with the date, according to the Pre-Trial Order / Trial Setting Order, Local Rule of Court, Rules of Court or Code of Civil Procedure; to the extent it is unlikely that the Pre-Trial Order / Trial Setting Order or Local Rule of Court will contradict a Rule of Court or provision of the Code of Civil Procedure, the dates have been included.

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